Has natural beauty gone out of fashion?

Has natural beauty gone out of fashion?

In a world where 14 year olds have make-up bags worth hundreds

of pounds and everyone has a friend who has their own MUA facebook page, has natural beauty simple gone out of fashion?

I am totally in awe of people who can contour to perfection
and do the perfect cut crease but for me, it’s never been that important. I do wear make-up, but not very much and I definitely feel a lot of presure to wear it to work and to meet up with friends. I don’t want to be the tired looking receptionist or the pasty
friend compared to my friends and colleagues. It’s hard to feel naturally beautiful when you’re comparing yourself to other people who look incredible wearing make-up.

Although I can feel insecure about not wearing make-up, I’m
usually happy enough to hang out with my boyfriend and go out shopping bare faced. Fortunately, I have a boyfriend who often tells me that I am beautiful and encourages me that I don’t need it. However, I am friends with women who never leave the house without
a full face of make-up on and who have never been seen without make-up on by their friends or boyfriends. It’s an intense and expensive pressure to put on yourself, but so many women feel that they must look a certain way.

Very rarely do we catch sight of female celebrities with no
make-up on and if we do it’s usually a very well angled instagram filter with a ton of suspicious comments as to whether they are truly make-up free. Pressure is mounting on women of all ages to look beautiful all the time, but is covering their faces with
make up enhanicng their beauty or a way of changing how the look althogether? The fine line is blurry. If make-up makes women feel beautiful should it be encouraged or should we be encouraging women to feel beautiful naturally?

Please comment, I’d love to hear your opinions!

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1 thought on “Has natural beauty gone out of fashion?”

  1. you look great without make-up. I´m 35 and i never wear make-up. i hate the dirt feeling in my face. i only wear make-up for weaddins, and only mascara and some shadows.

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