My anxious day…

Today has been such a hard day. After an amazing, carefree day yesterday, I got carried away and had too many G and T’s last night. I woke up this morning with a locked jaw, swollen eyes and feeling more anxious than I’ve felt in weeks. It was so hard to do anything useful, I wanted to lay in bed all day but knew it would only make me feel worse. I went to the shops and found myself clinging to my boyfriends hand, panicking that people were looking at me and too scared to go up to the counter and look anyone in the eye.

But, today was only a bad day. I haven’t lost the battle against anxiety, it was just a blip in my journey to getting better. I’m so grateful for the days I don’t feel anxious and I’m learning to get accept that not every day I will feel perfect. I know that tomorrow I will feel happier and less anxious and braver.



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