Bunny yoga 🐰

For anyone who’s been suffering with anxiety or stress I really recommend doing yoga and meditation in the morning to clear your head and cleanse your soul for the rest of the day. There’s so many great videos on YouTube for beginners but I’m attaching an image of one my favourite yoga routines. Plus the yoga bunnies are so cute 🐰

Peace out 😊


Acceptance and appreciation ☀️

Someone recently told me that you have absolutely no control over your life and that any control you think you have is simply fictitious in your mind.We are born into a society in which we are lead upon different routes that the world sets us upon. I agree that we cannot choose when we are born or when we die, but I do believe that we can control who we become and I think that 2016 will be a year of acceptance for me. Accepting what I cannot change or control and appreciating what I have, the things that I usually take for granted.